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About LSF

The vision of the LSF is that of an independent NGO engaged in a systematic, focused research into the environment-health nexus with the purpose of confronting, halting, and perhaps reversing the ugly trend of increasing incidents of chronic degenerative diseases all around us. The bedrock for this vision is the belief that the Creator in His foresight, genius, and benevolence has “fearfully and wonderfully” made us; and if only we will “think His thoughts after Him”, we might yet discover basic rules that can help alleviate many of these diseases which are now known to be linked with our environment, diet, and lifestyle. This will also further generate faith and confidence in what is revealed about the almighty God in the Bible, for other areas of life.

Much research has been carried out on these matters, and there would be no point trying to re-invent the wheel. What LSF seeks to do would be first to separate the chaff from the wheat through thorough evaluation of existing peer-reviewed data and thereafter process their implications thoroughly in the context of our peculiar local environment. In the course of carrying out these actions, gaps will be identified for concerted local research efforts.

The crucial next stage, necessitating an organization such as the LSF, is what to do with the information. Rather than consign these to articles in learned journals for a few professionals, LSF would seek, through the active inspiration of the Holy Spirit, creative means to widely and effectively communicate these to the relevant stakeholders, and as well embark on aggressive advocacy to influence policies and practices of government and industries as may be necessary. A key guiding principle for LSF would be creatively seeking and promoting those peculiar homegrown win-win scenarios that would significantly improve the quality of life of people, without necessarily crippling industry and the national economy.

The practical platform generated by this vital activity, will be used to aggressively confront the Evolution Theory and promote Creation Science which we believe will in much more fundamental ways further establish health, peace and harmony between Man, his environment, and his Creator.


What we stand for

The aim of LivingScience Foundation is to enhance public health in Nigeria by facilitating and promoting sound evidence-based, comprehensive and holistically-derived, home-grown environmental-health policies and practices; undergirded by a conviction that an all-wise benevolent Creator designed the world to run sustainably.

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