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Mr. MIKE MAFIANA is a Senior Environmental Health Officer with the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA ) South West Zonal Office, Ibadan Oyo State. He graduated from Delta State University Abraka with a B. Sc in Health Science. He also holds a diploma in Health, Safety and Environmental Education and has attended several certificate courses and seminars related to his field of study. Mr.  Mafiana has extensive knowledge in the areas of Environmental Compliance Monitoring, Environmental Assessment and response to public complaint on environmental and public health/pollution issues for the 6 years he has been working with NESREA in the public Affairs Unit, Environmental Quality Control and Pollution Control and Sanitation Units.

What we stand for

The aim of LivingScience Foundation is to enhance public health in Nigeria by facilitating and promoting sound evidence-based, comprehensive and holistically-derived, home-grown environmental-health policies and practices; undergirded by a conviction that an all-wise benevolent Creator designed the world to run sustainably.

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