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Our Vision

  • To provide an authoritative voice showing that studying and doing Science from a creationist perspective will not only make best sense of our world, it will also yield abundant life for people and the entire ecosystem. This will entail a direct standing up to, and scientific refutation of the currently prevalent evolution theory of origins.
  • To seriously engage in the business of identifying peculiar traditional and modern hazards in the Nigerian environment; scientifically evaluate attendant health risks particularly to identified susceptible, vulnerable and sensitive subpopulations; and widely communicate the findings in society, while advocating for remedial actions as may be necessary.
  • To provide information, education, and advisory services  on health and environment to the general public, various tiers of government, and other stakeholders. This may involve undertaking resourced project and contract works that support the vision of the Organization.


What we stand for

The aim of LivingScience Foundation is to enhance public health in Nigeria by facilitating and promoting sound evidence-based, comprehensive and holistically-derived, home-grown environmental-health policies and practices; undergirded by a conviction that an all-wise benevolent Creator designed the world to run sustainably.

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